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Dirty Dozen 1996

LCV's Dirty Dozen effort in 1996 proved to be a huge success. We spent $1.5 million on the Dirty Dozen campaigns-hiring seven field organizers, sending 254,000 pieces of persuasion mail to targeted voters, running 9,000 television and radio ads, and generating extensive earned media.



Rep. Frank Riggs (R), CA-1

Rep. Fred Heineman (R), NC-4: DEFEATED

Rep. Gary Condit (D), CA-18

Rep. Helen Chenoweth (R), ID-1

Rep. Jim Longley (R), ME-1: DEFEATED

Rep. Michael Flanagan (R), IL-5: DEFEATED

Rep. Randy Tate (R), WA-9: DEFEATED

Rep. Steve Stockman (R), TX-9: DEFEATED


Gordon Smith (R), OR-Senate

Rep. Jim Ross Lightfoot (R), IA-Senate: DEFEATED

Sen. Larry Pressler (R), SD-Senate: DEFEATED

Rep. Wayne Allard (R), CO-Senate

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