2010 LCV Environmental Facebook

Bill Owens (NY-23)

Bill Owens (NY-23) HouseBill Owens has made the creation of clean energy jobs a priority for his district. He understands the job-creation potential inherent in making the transition to a clean energy economy, which is why he supports strong action to reduce global warming pollution as well as a robust renewable electricity standard.

Owens is an Air Force veteran who served as a Captain at the Plattsburgh Air Force Base, which is located in his district. He comes from a family with a long military tradition, with his forebears fighting in wars stretching back to the Civil War.

Owens was a name partner in a Plattsburgh law firm prior to winning a special election in November 2009 following the appointment of Representative John McHugh (27% LCV lifetime score) to be Secretary of the Army. He became the first Democrat since 1873 to represent what is now the 23rd District, a largely rural district stretching across New York's northern tier from Lake Ontario to the Vermont border.

In his own words:
"Global climate change is an issue we must address in Congress. The United States is in position to lead the world and be on the forefront of a "green" economy. In the 23rd Congressional District, there are many wind farms and renewable fuel facilities which not only preserve the environment but create jobs and stimulate the economy."

Source: Owens' LCV candidate questionnaire.