2010 LCV Environmental Facebook

John Carney (DE-At Large)

John Carney (DE-At Large)John Carney has been a vocal advocate for fighting global warming and creating clean energy jobs in Delaware throughout his career. As a two-term lieutenant governor, secretary of finance, deputy chief of staff to then Governor Tom Carper, and staffer to then Senator Joe Biden, Carney has maintained a commitment to environmental protection and moving our nation forward on energy policy. Following more than twenty years in public service, Carney left government in 2009 to serve as president and chief operating officer of Transformative Technologies, a Delaware-based company that invests in clean energy technology ventures like DelaWind, which works to build the components for the emerging offshore wind power industry. His enthusiasm for offshore wind power to create jobs in Delaware and protect the planet is matched by his opposition to drilling for oil and natural gas along his state's world-class beaches.

John Carney takes the at-large seat held since 1993 by Mike Castle, a Republican who leaves Congress with a 65% LCV lifetime score.


In his own words:
"For Delaware, preserving our environment means creating an energy policy that reduces carbon emissions and invests in emerging renewable energy technology. As Delaware's Congressman, I will help secure federal investment in clean energy technology to replace the oil and natural gas power sources on which we rely too heavily today. These new forms of energy will not only protect the air we breathe and the water we drink, but create jobs for Delaware workers in a new, green economy."

Source: John Carney Campaign Web site - The Environment