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LCV Press Release Archive: 2008

Salazar to Restore Interior's Role as Vigilant Steward of Public Land and Water Resources, Vilsack to Bring Commitment to Fighting Global Warming to Department
of Agriculture

Calls on coal industry to live up to the promise of so-called “"clean coal"

LCV joins environmental community to offer advice to Team Obama

Election Day poll shows overwhelming support for clean, renewable energy agenda

LCV-endorsed candidates win elections across the country

"America embraced change today. And the planet will be better for it."
-LCV president Gene Karpinski

Obama puts energy first, McCain falls deeper down the oil well

John Slattery joins LCV’s door-to-door ad campaign for Obama in battleground Virginia

John McCain Attemps to Hoodwink Colorado Voters

Dole in lockstep with Big Oil, out of step with North Carolina

Outrage seen in Colorado, New Mexico and other Upper Basin states

Non-partisan League sees bright future for Cowboy State voters

Kratovil stands for cleaner energy and a brighter future for Maryland

Shea-Porter’s proven leadership on energy the right prescription for America’s energy

Oregon State Senator is a proven leader on clean energy issues

For audio from today's conference, click here

LCV Endorses Barack Obama For President

Alaskan politician turns blind eye to the effects of global warming in Alaska, believes that American energy must continue to flow through Big Oil’s series of tubes

Landrieu routinely puts the interests of oil ahead of good energy policy

Pearce voted against New Mexico's environment 79 out of 80 times

Make your money greener at, the bundling homepage for the environmental movement

McConnell, Domenici, Ensign, Allard, Gregg and Burr look out for #1

Rice Committed to Helping Create Clean Jobs for Oklahoma

Kilroy's proven record will help bring green jobs to Columbus

Environmental champion now represents Maryland’s 4th District

Giffords's proven record on conservation and clean energy benefits southern Arizona

Smith boasts proven record of defending the health and safety of New Jersey

Kirkpatrick the best choice to fight for Arizona’s natural heritage and to move America towards a clean energy future

LCV congratulates Ben R. Lujan and Martin Heinrich

Shays is the #1 Republican Member of Congress on environmental and energy issues

"Fingerprint" marks opening of massive independent expenditure for Mark Udall goes live

New Jersey Senator continues legacy of environmental protection

Voters in 2008 want a clean break from outdated energy policies

Collaborative effort aimed at electing Mark Udall, Tom Udall and Jeanne Shaheen to the U.S. Senate

Representative is dedicated to protecting Michigan's environment

Commissioner has proven record on the environment

Pingree the best choice to bring Maine's environmental leadership to Washington

Schauer committed to creating green jobs

Peters to fight for green jobs and for the Great Lakes in Michigan's 9th Congressional District

Congressman defends Connecticut's natural resources

Senator's call for an end to corporate welfare conflicts with his absences on Big Oil subsidy votes

Self-proclaimed "Godfather of Green" continues to stand for polluters while standing in the way of clean air, clean water and clean energy

Congressman is a proven leader in conservation and clean energy

New Mexico Democrat's life shows commitment to conservation

Green politics score on the red carpet

McCain misses yet another key environmental vote

Vote shows the people of Illinois clearly want real action on global warming

Candidate's commitment to science-based solutions to global warming and America's energy future make him an ideal choice for Congress

Challenger committed to sound energy policy, creation of green-collar jobs

Incumbent Sam Graves continues to vote against wind energy jobs in Missouri

New Jersey Republican works to improve energy policy, protect coastal treasures

New leadership and new members make down payment on desperately needed change

Edwards win is a triumph for the environment and for LCV

Former Massachusetts governor doesn't have a consistent position

Republican candidates unanimously support waiver for California's global warming plan on auto emissions

More than 225,000 call on TV reporters to stop ignoring global warming

State of the Union fails the environment once again


LCV Endorses Black, Wuslin and Brinkman in Ohio's 2nd District Primaries

Candidates for U.S. House seat committed to environmental priorities

Politician turned oil man's anti-environmental record is among the worst in congress and too extreme for Colorado

LCV urges TV pundits to get on board

Obama, Huckabee claim victory in first-in-nation primary

Price of oil surpasses $100 per gallon as voter prepare to caucus