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Senator Kirk Votes to Block EPA from Protecting Illinois Families

ILLINOIS - On Wednesday, the U.S. Senate rejected four reckless amendments to block the EPA from applying commonsense safeguards to curb harmful pollution and protect public health.

These amendments were offered by Senators McConnell (#183), Rockefeller (#215), Baucus (#236), and Stabenow (#277), and threaten the landmark Clean Air Act: a law that has saved hundreds of thousands of lives and cost-effectively spurred innovation throughout its 40 year history. Additionally, the McConnell amendment overturns the EPA’s endangerment finding, rejecting the settled science of climate change and increasing our dependence on oil by undermining fuel economy standards.

Senator Kirk voted for the failed McConnell amendment. LCV President Gene Karpinski released the following statement in response:

“Instead of allowing scientists at the EPA to set our air pollution standards, Senator Kirk voted to protect polluter profits and weaken public health protections. When given the opportunity to defend vital clean air safeguards, Senator Kirk chose instead to block the EPA from doing its job to protect the health of Illinois families. LCV will work to ensure this dangerous vote does not go unnoticed, and that the people of Illinois know Senator Kirk is willing to sacrifice their health and wellbeing in order to protect corporate polluters.”

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