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Don’t Call It a Comeback: Pombo Announces Candidacy for CA-19

Former Rep. Hopes to Save Special Interest Friends in Time of Need

WASHINGTON – Today, Ex-Rep. Richard Pombo (R-CA) announced he will make a comeback attempt in an open House seat that neighbors the district he lost in 2006. During his Congressional tenure, Pombo was widely viewed as one of the most corrupt Members and was chair of LCV’s 2006 list of Dirty Dozen candidates. 

LCV Senior Vice President of Political Affairs Tony Massaro released the following statement on the announcement:

“Perhaps Richard Pombo still owes a few favors to his special interest friends he’s been known to represent and, rather than risk alienating his corporate contributors, he hopes to hoodwink a new district in order to deliver them. The fact is that voters rejected Pombo’s Bush-era policies. Californians want new clean energy jobs not more industry bailouts, yet his abysmal voting record proves that he will side with corporate polluters over a cleaner, more sustainable future for California every chance he gets.”

Pombo-by-Number (you connect the dots):

· Sided with industry, not taxpayers. The 2005 Bush-Cheney Energy Bill, which Pombo supported and helped shepherd through the House Resources Committee, contained more than $21 billion in subsidies for the oil and gas industries. [i]

· Paid for by Big Oil. Pombo took nearly $700,000 in campaign money from Big Oil and other energy interests, and more than $220,000 from lobbyists. [ii]

· Chair of LCV’s “Dirty Dozen” in 2006. Pombo earned an abysmal 7% lifetime score from the League of Conservation Voters.[iii]

· Congress’ worst anti-environmental villain. Pombo proposed selling 15 national parks to generate revenue, tried repeatedly to open the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to oil drilling and voted twice against greater fuel efficiency for cars and trucks.

· Named one of the 13 Most Corrupt Members of Congress in 2006 by Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington. He took more than $35,000 from convicted lobbyist and fraudster Jack Abramoff, and paid his own wife and brother $337,000 for questionable campaign services.[iv]

· Abused taxpayer money. Pombo wasted thousands of taxpayer dollars leasing a luxury Lincoln on his Congressional office’s budget, and abused taxpayer funds to rent an RV to take his family on vacation.[v]

For a summary - by song - of just how corrupt Rep. Pombo was, check out the “Pombo Mambo,” an award-winning radio ad LCVAF ran during the 2006 campaign cycle:

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