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LCV and the American Worker Launch $250K TV Ad Campaign Against Jim Renacci

WASHINGTON, DC – Today, the League of Conservation Voters (LCV), which works to turn environmental values into national priorities, launched a $250,000 ad buy in Ohio’s 16th district, launched jointly with the American Worker, hitting House candidate Jim Renacci for his opposition to investing in Ohio’s clean energy economy. The TV ad will be running in the Cleveland media market until October 21st.

"If elected, Jim Renacci will do nothing to create clean energy jobs for Ohio workers or help reduce our dangerous dependence on oil," said Tony Massaro, LCV Senior Vice President for Political Affairs. "Renacci would side with the Middle East over the Midwest at every opportunity and that’s why he’s the wrong choice for Ohio’s 16th district."

"The American Worker is proud to partner with LCV to fight to keep Ohio jobs in Ohio and to expose the positions of politicians who side with Wall Street instead of Main Street," said the American Worker’s Chuck Rocha.

View the ad here:




Supporting Facts

Audio: Every day America sends over one hundred million dollars to the Middle East.

Bankrolling dictators.  Funneling money to our enemies.

And politicians like Jim Renacci don’t seem to care.


Video: Spot opens on tight shot of Rand-McNally image of Iran. CG: Source: U.S. Energy Information Administration, 9/29/10 & 10/1/10; Jim Renacci for Congress Website, Center for American Progress Action Fund, 4/9/10.

As camera pulls out to wider shot of Middle East map, dissolve map into images of George Bush holding hands with Crown Prince Abdullah and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad giving a fiery speech.

    According to data provided by the U.S. Energy Information Administration, in July 2010 the U.S. imported 1,679 thousand barrels per day of oil from the Persian Gulf at a Free on Board price of $71.78 per barrel, which equals $120.5 million per day in oil imports from the Persian Gulf.  The U.S. Energy Information Administration defines the Persian Gulf as including Bahrain, Iran, Iraq, Kuwait, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates.   [U.S. Energy Information Administration, U.S. Imports by Country of Origin, 9/29/2010; U.S. Energy Information Administration, F.O.B. Costs of Imported Crude Oil by Area, 10/1/2010]

    Renacci Opposes Cap-and-Trade.  On his campaign website, Renacci calls the cap-and-trade legislation passed by the House of Representatives “another job-killing tax.”  He further states that cap-and-trade “would amount to one of the largest taxes in American history.”  [Jim Renacci for Congress, Issues: National Energy Tax, accessed 10/12/2010]

    According to the Center for American Progress, an aggressive cap on carbon would cause Iran to lose over $100 million per day in oil revenues over the next 40 years.  [Center for American Progress, 4/9/2010]

Audio: Renacci actually opposes investing in clean energy here at home, which would position Ohio workers at the forefront of the jobs of the future...

...leaving Ohio’s factories closed and sending jobs to China.  (SFX: Gong)


















Audio: Who do you trust to put Ohio jobs first?

Say No to Jim Renacci!

The American Worker and League of Conservation Voters are responsible for the content of this advertising.




Video: Half Screen Image of Renacci.  Image of Workers. CG: Opposes Investing in Clean Energy. Source: Canton Repository, 9/21/10; Center for American Progress, 8/18/09. 

Drop in China imagery (flag + Great Wall etc.) + Chinese Windmill stock photo. CG: Reuters, 10/6/10, Wall Street Journal, 10/8/10.















Video: Full screen image of Renacci; CG: Say No to Jim Renacci


    Renacci Attacked His Opponent for Supporting Cap-and-Trade.  In a September 2010 debate, Renacci attacked his opponent for supporting cap-and-trade legislation.  From the Canton Repository,

Renacci picked at Boccieri’s support for the current Democratic administration, including his vote that helped get the health care bill passed and support for the energy bill, which Republicans often refer to as cap and trade.   [Canton Repository, 9/21/2010]

    According to an analysis done by UC Berkeley, the House-passed clean energy and climate bill (H.R. 2454)  would create up to 1.9 million jobs in the US, with Ohio standing to gain as many as 61,000 jobs. [UC Berkeley, 10/25/09]

    According to the Center for American Progress, cap-and-trade will promote clean energy jobs and increase the United States’ competitiveness with China.  From John Podesta, President and CEO of the Center for American Progress:

The bill, called the American Clean Energy and Security Act, would also boost investments in energy efficiency and renewable energy, like wind and solar, to jump-start the transition to a clean energy economy. New investments in the clean energy technologies of the future would slash global warming pollution and reduce the use of foreign oil while also creating jobs and increasing our economic competitiveness vis-à-vis China and other nations.  [Center for American Progress, 8/18/2009]

    In October 2010, Reuters reported that “China is prevailing in the global race for green jobs in sectors from solar panels to advanced lighting, and appears to be on an unstoppable upward path, an annual report by cleantech research firm Clean Edge said on Wednesday.”  [Reuters, 10/6/2010]

    The Wall Street Journal reported in October 2010 that “The number of wind-turbine manufacturers in China has increased significantly in the past few years, primarily because of strong support from the Chinese government.” [Wall Street Journal, 10/8/2010]


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