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LCV Applauds Defeat of Seven Dirty Dozen Candidates

WASHINGTON — Today, the League of Conservation Voters (LCV), which works to turn environmental values into national priorities, applauded the defeat of seven of the thirteen Dirty Dozen candidates in the 2010 election. Proposition 23 in California as well as climate deniers vying for Senate seats were among the losing candidates on this year's list.

"Despite strong headwinds, seven of this year's 'Dirty Dozen' were defeated," said LCV President Gene Karpinski. "Big Oil and their allies in Congress may try to claim that the election's results were a rejection of clean energy policies. Quite frankly, that's insulting to voters, and it's just not true. Several of the 'flat earthers' running for Senate were defeated, while California's dirty energy ballot measure was overwhelmingly rejected."

LCV's trademark Dirty Dozen program targets candidates for Congress — regardless of party affiliation — who consistently vote against clean energy and conservation and are running in races in which LCV has a serious chance to affect the outcome. This cycle's Dirty Dozen is a baker's dozen (13). Additionally, for the first time ever, LCV named a ballot measure to the Dirty Dozen – California's Proposition 23. Learn more at


Ballot Measure

  • Proposition 23 (CA) DEFEATED


  • Sharron Angle (NV-Sen) DEFEATED
  • Roy Blunt (MO-Sen)
  • Ken Buck (CO-Sen) DEFEATED
  • Carly Fiorina (CA-Sen) DEFEATED
  • Ron Johnson (WI-Sen)
  • Blanche Lincoln (AR-Sen) DEFEATED
  • Christine O'Donnell (DE-Sen) DEFEATED
  • Pat Toomey (PA-Sen)


  • Michelle Bachmann (MN-06)
  • Steve Pearce (NM-02)
  • Richard Pombo (CA-19) DEFEATED
  • Tim Walberg (MI-07)

According to an election survey poll of 83 battleground congressional districts, when presented with the details of a comprehensive clean energy plan, voters backed the plan by a 16 percent margin. For more on the battleground election eve survey, click here:

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