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LCV Applauds President Obama’s Support for HOMESTAR Program

New Program Would Provide Rebates for Insulation and other Energy Efficiency Measures

SAVANNAH, GA – President Obama today outlined more details for a program that, if included in jobs bills being considered by the U.S. Congress, would incentivize energy efficiency investments. The HOMESTAR program would offer rebates of $1,000 or more to consumers buying insulation, water heaters or other equipment to make their homes more energy efficient.

LCV President Gene Karpinski released the following statement in response:  

“We applaud President Obama’s continued support for a HOMESTAR program which will encourage smart energy choices that put money back into the wallets of consumers and create clean energy jobs. The program can provide multiple benefits by saving consumers money on their energy bills, creating good paying jobs, and reducing energy use.  We look forward to working with Congress and the President to enact this program to help create a clean energy economy that makes American energy work for American families. The U.S. Senate must work to pass comprehensive clean energy and climate legislation that furthers the Administration’s efforts to make clean energy the profitable type of energy in the U.S.”

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