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LCV Names Senator Lincoln, Steve Pearce First to 2010 Dirty Dozen

WASHINGTON, DC - The League of Conservation Voters (LCV), which works to turn environmental values into national priorities, today announced that Senator Blanche Lincoln (D-AR) and former Congressman Steve Pearce (R-NM) running in New Mexico’s 2nd District are the first to be named to the 2010 "Dirty Dozen" list.
 “Instead of embracing a comprehensive clean energy and climate bill that creates jobs, reduces carbon pollution and increases energy independence, Senator Lincoln has decided to cast her lot with Big Oil and other corporate polluters who oppose transitioning to a clean energy economy,” said Gene Karpinski, LCV President. “Most regrettable is the fact that Senator Lincoln is walking away from her previous support for climate legislation – and given the scope, urgency and magnitude of this issue, she has more than earned a spot on LCV’s Dirty Dozen.”
Senator Lincoln recently announced her opposition to comprehensive clean energy and climate legislation, despite the fact that it will create new clean energy jobs, reduce our dangerous dependence on foreign oil and curb harmful carbon pollution.[1] Senator Lincoln recently co-sponsored Sen. Lisa Murkowski’s resolution, largely written by Washington energy lobbyists, designed to block the Environmental Protection Agency's finding that carbon pollution endangers public health and welfare. Senator Lincoln has taken more than $1 million in campaign cash from Big Oil and other energy interests, with oil and gas companies being among the top five contributors to her campaign this cycle.[2] She has a lifetime LCV score of 49%, the second lowest score for any Democratic Senator up for re-election this cycle.[3]
“While in office, Rep. Steve Pearce took good care of Big Oil by maintaining their costly tax breaks while voting against every opportunity to create clean energy jobs, reduce pollution and improve fuel economy for New Mexico families,” said Karpinski. “His acceptance of nearly a million dollars in campaign contributions proves that as a returning Congressman he would be paid for by Big Oil and that’s why LCV is wasting no time naming him to the Dirty Dozen for the 2010 campaign cycle.”
In addition to owning millions of dollars of stock in Key Energy, a Texas-based oil services company, Rep. Pearce has accepted more from the oil and gas industry, $923,972, than from any other economic sector.[4]   He has voted to give more than $14 billion in tax breaks to the oil industry, opposed renewable electricity, and fought against fuel efficient cars that would save New Mexico families hundreds of dollars at the pump.  LCV helped to defeat Rep. Pearce during his bid for the New Mexico seat in the U.S. Senate in its 2008 Dirty Dozen campaign.[5] During his five years in Congress, Rep. Pearce earned an abysmal lifetime LCV score of 3%.
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[3] The non-partisan LCV Scorecard is a nationally accepted yardstick used to rate Members of Congress on conservation and clean energy issues. Based on key conservation votes in the House and Senate, it is often used by the media to quickly describe a Member's record.  For more information, visit
[5] LCV's trademark "Dirty Dozen" program targets current and former members of Congress - regardless of party affiliation - who consistently vote against the environment and are running in races where LCV has a serious chance of affecting the outcome.