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State LCVs Gather in DC to Lobby for Clean Energy & Climate Legislation

Over 100 Members of Congress Hear from Constituents on the Need for Real Energy Reform in Wake of Gulf Coast Disaster

WASHINGTON – Today, members of the League of Conservation Voters and 23 state LCVs from across the country met with the members and staff from 38 Senate offices and 79 House offices on Capitol Hill to call for passage of comprehensive clean energy and climate legislation this year.  Members of Congress heard from their constituents on the need for real energy reform in the wake of the Gulf Coast disaster and Senators were urged to oppose Sen. Lisa Murkowski’s “Big Oil Bailout” resolution that would gut the Clean Air Act, put public health at risk and jeopardize long-overdue action to hold the biggest polluters accountable.


“Last year LCV and dozens of state LCVs effectively lobbied for the passage of the American Clean Energy & Security Act in the House, today we came back to tell the Senate that this is their year to pick up where the House left off and get us on the path towards a clean energy future,”  said LCV President Gene Karpinski. “Our state allies arrived just in time to tell Senators to oppose the 'Big Oil Bailout' moving towards a Senate vote on Thursday and to represent their public interest not the private interests. Instead, Congress heard loud and clear today that constituents want them to work to deliver comprehensive energy and climate legislation this year that prevents future energy disasters, makes polluters pay their fair share and creates a thriving clean energy economy.”


Anne Sayers, Program Director of the Wisconsin League of Conservation Voters met with the offices of six Wisconsin representatives and both Senators.


“Members from Wisconsin should know by now that their constituents aren’t going to settle for half measures on energy reform,” said Sayers. “Today we delivered the message that Wisconsin families want comprehensive clean energy and climate legislation that creates jobs, increases our energy independence and protects the planet for future generations.”


Nevada Conservation League Executive Director Scot Rutledge met with Senators Reid and Ensign as well as the offices of Representatives Titus, Heller and Berkley.


“Nevadans want Congress to put our country back in the driver’s seat and help deliver clean energy reforms that will bolster our local economy, improve our national security and reduce the risk of catastrophes like the one unfolding in the Gulf Coast," said Rutledge. “We told our delegation today that we need a comprehensive energy and climate bill that unleashes the innovation needed to make Nevada a leader in 21st century’s clean energy economy.”


Ann Timberlake, Executive Director of the Conservation Voters of South Carolina met with Senator Graham, the staff of Senator Demint and the offices of Representatives Clyburn, Spratt, Inglis and Wilson.


“The disaster in the Gulf highlights our urgent need for a clean and safe energy future,” said Timberlake. “If the Senate isn't inspired to act by this catastrophe, what will it take to motivate them? The time is now.”


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