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What is RSS?

RSS works sort of like email updates. When you sign up for email updates on, you are telling LCV to send you an email any time a particular sort action alert is issued. It works the same way with RSS.

When you sign up for LCV's RSS updates, the LCV website will automatically send you a notice each time new content is added to the site. Instead of sending it to your email inbox, it will send the notice to your chosen RSS reader (more about RSS readers below). These notices: (a) tell you that new content has been added to the site, and (b) provide you with a link to the content in case you are interested in seeing it.

What is an RSS reader?

An RSS reader is the inbox that receives any RSS notices you have signed up for. Every time LCV has new content — a new press release, polling data, photo gallery, feature story, blog post, podcast, etc. — you will get a notice from LCV telling you that this new content has been added. When you go to check your RSS reader, you'll see all of your notices in a list, just like email in an inbox. You click on the notices you want to read, and you ignore the notices you don't care to read.

How can I get an RSS reader?

There are many options. Get started by visiting Bloglines, FeedReader or Google Reader, for example.

Just remember — your RSS reader is like an email inbox, except instead of receiving email, you're receiving RSS notices from providers (websites, blogs) that you've subscribed to. These notices tell you when new content has been added to your chosen sites, and they provide you with a link to that content in case you are interested in checking it out.