WASHINGTON, D.C. – For 30 years, the non-partisan LCV Scorecard has been the nationally accepted yardstick used to gauge how members of Congress voted on key energy and environmental issues.

The majority of the 11 Senate and 13 House votes in the 2008 Scorecard are energy votes that presented Congress with a real choice: chart a bold new course that puts Americans back to work, saves families money at the gas pump and on home heating bills, improves our national security, and protects the planet for future generations; or, continue the disastrous energy policies of the last eight years that have benefited only the oil industry.

This Scorecard separates those members of Congress who are embracing a new energy future from those who are wedded to the past. More from our news release

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LCV President Gene Karpinski announced the release of LCV’s 2008 National Environmental Scorecard, saying: “This scorecard reflects more clearly than perhaps ever before that America is truly at a crossroads when it comes to our energy future.”  

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